Container Foil

Container Foil

* The products in the pictures are produced using Assan Alüminyum’s flat-rolled aluminium products.


  • High resistance against factors such as heat, light, sound, humidity and gas
  • Increased resistance as shape
  • Easy handling, opening, usage and elimination
  • Brightness and reflective property
  • Possibility to use a range of purpose designed lidding materials
  • Possibility to use through a very wide range of temperature without any risk of cracking, melting, charring or burning
  • Heat conductivity enabling the minimization of processing, chilling and reheating times
  • Prevention from bacterial growth or absorption of moisture or grease with its non-absorbtive characteristic
  • Various selection alternatives in thickness, alloy, shape and temper to obtain the performance characteristics required
  • Greatly enhanced rigidity by incorporating corrugated sides

Fields of utilization

  • Processing and packaging of ready cooked meal
  • Heat treated sweet dairy products, ready to cook meat, frozen deserts and other foodstuff
  • Aluminium wrinkle-wall or smooth wall containers, Meal Ready to Eat (MRE), military food containers


8000 Series