Household Foil

Household Foil

* The products in the pictures are produced using Assan Alüminyum’s flat-rolled aluminium products.


  • Good flatness control and clean surface
  • Workability in high speed machines
  • Reduction in effects of light, moisture, oxygen , liquids, micro-organisms and unwanted aromas, thanks to aluminium foil’s impermeability.
  • Effective protection of contents against the quality and prevention from the spoilage of sensitive products
  • Resistance against the highest temperatures encountered in cooking
  • Prevention from the decrease of the heat of the oven, when used in cooking to cover a dish or a piece of meat or poultry, by the help of its heat conductivity
  • High utility for protecting some parts of food from being dried or over-cooked in a microwave oven, as microwave energy cannot pass through metal
  • Prevention from spring back once folded

Fields of utilization

  • Especially kitchen and other parts of the house, even gardens
  • Industrial kitchens- restaurants, schools, hospitals
  • As a lid of storage containers or wrapping the foodstuff


8000 Series