Human Resources Policy

Assan Alüminyum is committed respecting the human rights, freedoms and legal rights of our employees, within the framework of international and national legislations. Within this scope, we commit to applying the following principles:

  • To recruit highly-competent people, with the relevant skills and experience to the workforce.
  • To provide all of our employees with training opportunities suitable for the improvement of their skills in accordance with the necessities of their jobs.
  • To provide an environment with efficient communication and motivation, where our employees could utilize their creativity and voice their opinions.
  • To not allow people below the age of 18 to work at our company, as stated in Labor Law and to apply these restrictions to subcontracted workers within our facilities as well.
  • To not allow forced labor for anyone. Not to request any employees to pawn identification cards or cash under any circumstances. To respect the right of every employee to leave the workplace at the end of work days. To respect the employees’ right to quit work, in conformance with legal notice requirements.
  • To pursue a collaborative management policy, which aims to increase employee efficiency, improve sense of responsibility and to allow our employees the right for representation.
  • To apply the legal weekly working duration of 45 hours. To only request employees’ to work overtime on a voluntary basis, within legal limits for previously unforeseen working conditions. To grant a 1 day leave following every 6 working days. To respect the work life balance of our employees.
  • To not allow pregnang women employees to work more than 7,5 hours per day and not to request them to do overtime.
  • To determine the minimum salaries of our employees’ as the legal minimum wage determined. To take into consideration the market conditions and the purchasing power that meets basic needs, while determining wages. To notify our employees with a detailed payslip, showing their monthly earnings and the state withholdings.
  • To provide our employees with a healthy work environment, to take precautionary measures against accidents and injuries, to give them health and safety training, to guarantee clean health facilities and clean drinking water.
  • To not discriminate in any way against our employees based on their ethnic backgrounds, gender, religion, race, class, nationality, sexual preference, memberships to organizations acknowledged by law or political tendencies.
  • To protect our employees’ personal dignities and to treat them respectfully. To not apply physical or psychological violence against them under any circumstance. To not use violence as a disciplinary act or to not tolerate such behavior.
  • To explain the procedures to be applied, during an employee’s performance evaluation and in case the employee does not comply with the disciplinary rules, in an easily apprehensible way. To ensure that new employees understand these procedures well, by giving them training and gathering feedback from them.