Our Purpose;

To gain creative and enterpreneural individuals for Assan Alüminum, who are open to innovations and development, aiming at developing itself and his/her business; to make the company an establishment to be proud of by all our employees and creating a community comprised of satisfied employees, which integrate the future plans of the company with their own career plans, converging the company’s targets with the personal targets at the same point and creating added value for the company with the works performed and make it sustainable.

Being One of Assan Alüminyum

Means to be an employee;

  • Loyalty to the job and the company,
  • Aware of the fact that it will make a contribution to the future of the company with the works performed,
  • Studious, dedicated and disciplined,
  • Aware of his/her responsibility, has ethical and professional values,
  • Sensitive to the environment and human health,
  • Keeping the personal and professional development at the forefront,
  • Respects his/her collegues, protects the reputation of the company, shares his/her decisions and targets and keeps developing continuously in the changing environment.