Pharmaceutical Foil


* The products in the pictures are produced using Assan Alüminyum’s flat-rolled aluminium products.


  • High barrier properties to light, atmosphere, micro-organisms, odours and liquids
  • Ensurance of medical standards of the sterility by the manufacture of foils in totally sterile conditions
  • Protection of sensitive products in peak conditions for long periods
  • Possibility to offer safe and various packaging formats
  • Possibility to produce collapsible tubes, made from alufoil laminates that will not draw air and contamination into contact with the product, by the help of its “deadfold” property
  • With the range of mechanical properties available, products can be made more ductile, fragile or tough and can be combined with other materials like paper and plastics
  • Possibility to manufacture strip packs that are easy to tear open

Fields of utilization

  • Blister and other sanitary applications