Human Resources Practices

Recruitment System

The recruitment requirements of the company are met by evaluating the approved budgets in-line with the annual work plans or according to the up-to-date requests. Meeting the recruitment needs first from the group’s internal resources, than from the external resources is one of the general principles.

How can the candidates apply at us?

Any employment needs that appear in the company are announced to all of our employees by means of the company’s intranet. The applications may be submitted to the Holding Human Resources or the relevant Human Resources Departments.

Methods to be used

e-mail / intranet
The employment application portal used : Application

Performance Management System

The Performance Management System is a tool, which enables identifying our situation in order to develop the team and company performance and determining the areas that need to be further developed. In our company, the “Proficiency Based Performance Management System” and “Balanced Score Card” is used, whereby the personal potential is determined and the development and improvement plans for the futures are made, thus the performance in the past is evaluated and used as input for the related assignments.

Training Management System

Training Planning : Our training activities take their outputs from 3 main sources: Training Requirement Analysis, Performance Management System Outputs and Extra-Budget Requests coming up in the year. The annual training plan and training catalog are prepared after the assessment of all our resources and announced to all the employees by means of the Human Resources System

Orientation : General presentations about the company are made to the newly employed colleagues, especially by showing the company’s introduction film. Then those employees are provided with detailed information about their departments and the company through more comprehensive training and presentations.

Bölüm / Şirketiçi Teknik Eğitim : Hem işe yeni başlayan hem de mevcut çalışanlarımıza yönelik diğer bölümlerin faaliyetleri ve iş tanımları çerçevesinde verdiğimiz eğitimlerdir.

Professional Company Training : Those are the budgeted personal development and professional technical training requirements setout according to the qualification and duties of our employees, organized by the Human Resources Department.

Salary Management System

The purpose of the Assan Alüminyum salary management system is match the total income of our employees to the requirements of the actual working life as well as the common benefit of the country, work place and the employees. Furthermore, our Salary System is based on the difference of performance and rewarding, thus motivating our employees.

Social Activities

All our employees in Assan Alüminyum may benefit from the fringe benefits provided by Kibar Holding for its employees. In our Tuzla plant facilities, volleyball, basketball and table tennis playing areas are made available. In addition, soccer, bowling and table tennis tournaments as well as annual picnics and participation meetings are organized for all of our employees. We have many social committees aimed at many different activities.