Aiming to add value to the industry with each of our products, we, as Assan Alüminyum, develop high quality, tailor-made products that exceed the expectations of our customers. We pioneer the ‘twin roll casting technology’ on a global scale, by using basic material science to develop process innovation projects in our R&D Center.

R&D Strategy

To conduct applied research on material science, to design the related processes and to produce high-performance products that fulfill customer expectations on the highest level, in order to strengthen Assan Alüminyum’s global competitiveness by elevating the Twin Roll Casting Technology beyond its perceived boundaries.

Highly experienced and highly competent R&D team

As Assan Alüminyum,

  • With our experienced R&D team, by exploiting the high solidification rates and the related results of the solidification mechanisms in ‘twin-roll casting technology’ to improve our products’ performances.
  • Capable of achieving the ultimate product performance by differentiating the conventional approaches of twin roll casting and coupling the as-cast properties with proper thermomechanical processes.
  • High competencies in microstructural and mechanical characterization techniques of aluminium alloys produced by ‘twin roll casting technology’ and employing these results in material designs.
  • By combining our innovative approach with our expertise, we provide innovative solutions at every stage of our products and processes.
  • Our R&D activities are strengthened in multi-dimensional level with well established domestic and international academic collaborations.


As Assan Alüminyum, we offer high value-added, customized solutions to our customers with our highly competent R&D Center, by following global developments closely and creating solutions together.

As one of our main objectives is to strengthen the capabilities of our R&D Center, we design all of our business processes in a way that enables each of our employees to improve upon their knowledge and skills.