We produce the future without wasting it

We produce the future without wasting it

World’s resources are quickly being used up.

The most important heritage for our future generations is a clean environment. Aluminium is one of the most beneficial products for the today and tomorrow of modern life, because of its superior qualities, such as lightness, flexibility, energy efficiency and infinite recyclability.

We produce through sustainable methods. In order to make the world more sustainable for future generations, we, as Assan Alüminyum reduce our carbon footprint by using renewable energy in both of our production facilities and recycle aluminium in-house in our integrated recycling facility.

As Assan Alüminyum “we produce the future without wasting it” through:

  • The use of renewable energy
  • In-house recycling abilities
  • Less waste
  • Less emissions
  • Energy-savings projects and responsible sourcing