Biodiversity Preservation Project

Biodiversity Preservation Project -1
Biodiversity Preservation Project -1

In line with our core value and vision of sustainability and our environmentally-friendly approach, we began social responsibility projects in make a positive impact on biodiversity, one of the important sub-heading of sustainability.

We aim to contribute positively to environmental sustainability with our Biodiversity Preservation social responsibility project, in which we partnered up with the Kocaeli University Biology Department. The project began with the Amsonia orientalis plant, also known as Blue Star, which has been identified by the European Commission in 2002 as a plant species that absolutely needs to be preserved in the flora. This particular endemic plant is currently known to only exist in a few locations in the Marmara Region of Turkey and is thought to have become extinct in Greece. This university industry collaboration is a leading project in its field, where the Amsonia orientalis plant has been reproduced through biotechnological methods and reintroduced into nature and therefore a significant contribution was made to the preservation of biodiversity.

The second phase of this project continued with another plant, Pancratium maritimum, also known as the Sea Daffodil, which has been listed as an endangered species. Laboratory studies have been conducted in order to save the plant from extinction. We also simultaneously became the main supporter of the theater play “The Sea Daffodils”, which was being screened in Zorlu PSM. With our Sea Daffodils project, which contributed to sustainability both on environmental and social dimensions, we won 2 national and 2 international awards in categories such as the sustainability initiative of the year, culture-art and communications.

Bronze Award Life Under Water and Life on Land Categories, under the Social Responsibility and Sustainability heading

Award in the Culture-Art category of the Golden Compass Awards organized by the Turkish Public Relations Association

Bronze Award in the Sustainability Initiative of the Year

2 Awards in the Ethical And Environmental Responsibility and Sustainability ve Excellence In Community Service categories.

In the third phase of this plant, we began our studies to prevent the Verbascum bugulifolium plant, also known as the Mullein, from going extinct.

We continue our efforts to leave a more sustainable world for future generations, as we believe that the preservation of biodiversity is crucial for creating a sustainable world for future generations.