* The products in the pictures are produced using Assan Alüminyum’s flat-rolled aluminium products.


  • Perfect durability against heat, light, sound, moisture or gases
  • Possession of reflective and barrier properties necessary for the suppression of heat loss or gain in ducting and pipework
  • Easy lamination to other materials such as plastic foam or mineral fibre materials
  • Easy shaping and coating with a protective lacquer
  • Easy usage in different situations to form very high performance insulation and barrier products
  • Protection against fire by dissipating heat and stopping access to the oxygen
  • Contribution to the protection of the surface of the plastic from damage when used as a protective coat in pipework installations
  • Savings in costs and floor space by reducing the wall thickness in wall insulation since it eliminates the need for an inner brick skin, so high preference in construction sector

Fields of utilization

  • Factory,residential and other type of buildings
  • Roofs at big warehouse project
  • Piping


1000/8000 Series