• Perfect resistance against heat, light, humidity and gas etc. factors
  • The reflective surface and barrier properties in piping works, where preventing heat loss or gain is required.
  • Easy adhesion to the plastic and fiber materials. Ability to be coated with a lacquer layer for protection and ease of forming.
  • Ease of use under different circumstances in order to generate products that provide high-performance insulation and protection.
  • Protection against fire by spreading the heat and preventing the ingress of the fire.
  • Preventing the plastic surfaces from being damaged when used as a protective layer in the pipe insulation.
  • In a foil-based efficient wall insulation, eliminating the need for the extra layer of bricks inside the walls, thus reducing the costs, hence preferred by the construction sector.

Fields of utilization

  • Commercial, industrial and residential buildings
  • The roofs in the large warehouse projects
  • Piping installations



Serkan Nalbat
Sales Director