• Lightweight
  • Possibility to use the maximum surface area and minimum metal to transfer heat by using foil gauges
  • Quick conduction and dissipation of heat
  • Capability to save weight and space in order to reach efficiencies in fuel and vehicle capacity
  • Resistance against high temperatures without distorting or melting
  • Possibility to achieve high energy efficiency within the smallest possible space
  • Significant contribution to general efficiency and sustainability, whether installed as part of a static or a mobile heating or cooling installation
  • High thermal conductivity and ease of working that result in preference for heating and cooling applications

Fields of utilization

  • Heat sealing process
  • Common use of car and other vehicle air condition and engine cooling systems
  • Air Condition, automotive radiator, cooling systems,industrial refrigerator, condensator, evaporator and heat exchanger production


1000/8000 Series