Assan Alüminyum celebrates 23rd April National Sovereignty and Children’s Day in a painting contest…

23 APRIL 2015

Assan Alüminyum hosted the award ceremony for the themed painting contest “My Parent Works at Assan” participated by the employees’ children as contestants who drew what their parents do at work.

Professions came to life on paper through the children’s drawing within the scope of the contest where the best paintings were selected among all the artwork and their owners were awarded for their brilliant work.

Contestants of the painting contest organized on the occasion of 23rd April National Sovereignty and Children’s Day, dedicated to children by Atatürk, comprised of children of the company management and employees.

Children also enjoyed face painting, illusion and animation activities during the award ceremony.

As a member of the Assan Alüminyum family, our company management, fellow employees and their children had lots of fun.