Assan Aluminyum exhibits at AHR2020 with sustainability theme

February 3-5, 2020

Assan Aluminyum aims to provide its North American customers with tailor-made solutions, through its wholly-owned subsidiary, Kibar Americas, located in Chicago. Kibar Americas hosted its business partners at the AHR Expo 2020, the world’s largest HVACR event, which took place on February 3 – 5, in Orlando with over 2000 exhibitors. The company offers its products to a variety of sectors, such as packaging, distribution, construction, consumer durables, automotive, as well as HVAC, with specific expertise in fin stock applications.

Assan Aluminyum’s vision is based on being more environmentally sustainable, as emphasized in its sustainability principle of “producing the future, without wasting it”. With the clean energy produced in its renewable energy power plant, Assan Aluminyum balances out its carbon emissions, in terms of electric energy. Additionally, with its in-house recycling facility and many energy efficiency projects carried out, the company is able to reduce its carbon footprint even further every year. Its AHR2020 booth was sustainability-themed, emphasizing the firm’s focus on sustainability throughout all of its processes.