Assan Alüminyum


Assan Alüminyum, one of the world’s leading manufacturer in the flat-rolled aluminum (FRP) industry with 1500 dedicated employees, offering its products to a variety of sectors such as packaging, distribution, construction, consumer durables, automotive and HVAC. With its core values of reliability, flexibility, innovativeness and sustainability, the company provides customized solutions for its customers.


  • Renewable Energy Power Plant
  • The in-house Recycling Facility
  • Conscious Resource Use with Energy-savings Projects
  • Less Carbon Footprint


As Assan Alüminyum, we have received the internationally recognized I-REC certificate. We are fully offset our scope 2 emissions with this certificate, in the sustainable ecosystem we have created together with our business partners, in line with our motto of “Creating the Future Without Wasting It.”

We are ranked as the 41st Largest Industrial Company in Turkey by the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce (ISO) 2020 list. As we continue to creating value for our society and for the world, we thank all of our business partners and employees who have been with us in this journey.

As Assan Alüminyum, we have been entitled to receive the ASI (Aluminium Stewardship Initiative) provisional Performance Standard Certificate.


The Humen eye blinks 24 times per minute.

Assan Alüminyum produces 1 km of aluminium foil per minute