Risk Management

Risk management is a continuous process / management system cycle, based on coordination between an organization’s business units, its strategies, business processes, human resources, technological infrastructure and the information resources; so as to early identify the risks faced by the organization, to rank them and to take measures against those risks by determining management strategies / actions. With effective risk management, companies secure the continuity of their products and services (business continuity), profitable growth, legal compliance and sustainability; and enhance their resilience against reputational, operational and financial threats.

All stakeholders of the Company (employees, partners, suppliers, customers and the society) are parties who are affected by the risks that may occur or who may cause risk due to the effects they create.

In our company, “Risk Management” is a necessary part of our corporate culture. Thanks to the organizations, policies, standards and practices we have established regarding risk management, as well as our effective reporting and follow-up systems; we are able to early identify our risks and carry out all necessary preventive activities and improvement projects without delay.