Energy Policy

Assan Alüminyum;

As Turkey’s leading flat-rolled aluminium manufacturer, undertakes to proactively implement, continuously improve and sustain the energy management system throughout manufacturing and service activities.       

In order to fulfil this commitment, the following energy management activities are carried out

  • Raising awareness of every employee about energy efficiency,
  • To be a role model for our stakeholders, by achieving sustainable production in our activities and to increase awareness of energy efficiency.
  • Complying with the related legislations and other terms and conditions, while recognizing the importance of energy efficiency through a global perspective,
  • Considering energy efficiency in all processes including purchasing of products and services, new investment, designs and manufacturing,
  • Promoting continuous improvement by regularly reviewing and improving the energy performance with concrete energy targets,
  • Obtaining and ensuring the most efficient use of the necessary resources, in order to achieve energy targets and objectives.