Occupational Health, Safety And Environment Policy

We are the Assan Alüminyum Family,

As the leading aluminium manufacturer in Turkey, we are aware of our responsibilities for a sustainable world and we constantly strive to improve our performance in terms of sustainability’s environmental, social and governance aspects.

With a team composed of employees with a high level of awareness and involvement, we aim to;

  • Prevent environmental pollution by implementing the requirements of Environmental Management Systems and Occupational Health and Safety Managament Systems.
  • Determine the negative factors that could potentially harm human health & safety, to prevent them through managing the risks and to protect the environment.
  • Prevent environmental pollution and by determining every negative efffect that can harm human health & safety, keeping pollution under control and protecting the environment.
  • Prevent all injuries and loss of health, particularly those that are caused by unsafe actions.
  • Ensure continuous improvement.

With this respect, we, as the ASSAN ALÜMİNYUM employees, undertake to:

  • Comply with all of the legal rules and regulations, compliance obligations we are subject to, and the conditions of the organisations that we are a member of,
  • Use energy, primarily natural gas and electricity, correctly and efficiently, and to reduce the consumption of natural resources,
  • Reduce our CO2 emissions through our renewable energy production,
  • Preserve the environment and to prevent pollution by reducing the negative ecological effects of our products and processes and by using as much secondary raw-materials as possible for sustainability,
  • Use the technologies and raw materials, which are the safest in terms of occupational safety, and which have the lowest negative impacts on the environment, as much as technical and financial circumstances allow,
  • Determine the hazards leading to accidents and occupational diseases and to lower these to acceptable risk levels in order to achieve our goal of ZERO accidents,
  • Determine the elements capable of causing environmental pollution in advance, and to take the necessary measures in due time,
  • Organise training sessions to give our employees an awareness of "Safe Behaviours" and "Environmental Protection",
  • Consult our employees and employee representatives on issues concerning the environment and OH&S and to develop methods to ensure the involvement of all our stakeholders.
  • Determine our objectives based on a lifecycle perspective and to evaluate all of the risks and opportunities effecting our environment and OH&S performance.
  • Preserve the biological diversity by respecting wildlife,
  • Act responsibly with the awareness of the needs of future generations and to create a sustainable ecosystem together with our stakeholders.